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Dr. Robert Reiss
Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Robert Reiss has been President of Bronx Office Support, Inc since April 7, 1999. Bronx Office Support, Inc is a management company that manages medical practices. Dr. Reiss currently oversees a staff of over 300 for a multi million dollar company. Prior to his present position he served in a similar capacity for New York Total Health Care Management, Inc since March 1996. Dr. Reiss was the 1996 "Chiropractor of the Year" for the New York Chiropractic Council. He also was a charter member of the same organization in 1989. He has served as district representative and as one of 3 Executive Officers for the Council for the past 8 years. He served as Co-Chairman for New York States most successful chiropractic convention for 3 years. He believes that the success of any project is dependent on the communication amongst team members. He is an experienced lecturer on various topics that include Time Management; stress reduction and health related issues. His leisure activities include playing basketball, skiing with his wife and two daughters, reading and listening to music.

Over 400 Domains

About Us

The All Company Mission

The All Company is a next generation, new media organization dedicated to becoming a leader in Television Talk and Reality Production, Online Content/Commerce, Publications, and Merchandising arenas in the pre-convergence era. The All Company will ultimately create a vast network of interrelated media and commerce properties in each of the aforementioned industries, which will rapidly produce a plethora of cross marketing channels which will spur the growth of the rest of the Company's conceived holdings, positioning the company as a 21st century multi-industry, post-convergence powerhouse. Incorporated in Delaware in 1999 and Headquartered in New York, The All Company is currently in the process of securing its "Series A" round of financing, which will allow the Company to launch a novel strategy that will give rise to a formidable media conglomerate. The ultimate result of our vision, however, will yield the first true one-stop destination for entertainment, content, commerce, and interactivity, all of which will be under the control and direction of The All Company.

Company Description
The All Company, Inc. is a well-conceived start-up media company that will develop original talk shows, documentaries, and reality-based programming for syndication, cable, and network television. Therefore, upon capitalization the Company will immediately enter this market poised for profitably.

The Company will also move aggressively on the Internet filling the voids between content, e-commerce, and interactivity by melding together highly engaging forms of each via flagship web sites,, and

"As the dot com lust succumbed to the reality of a dot com bust, we have entered a renaissance of the standards used to evaluate new endeavors in the Internet. No longer are grandiose visions in a still emerging industry accepted as viable economic models; rather, Internet entrepreneurs and investors must face the somewhat daunting responsibility of locating, developing, and building concepts that will quickly spawn profitable and sustainable companies, in challenging and rapidly changing environment. The All Company will be the first entity to fully capitalize on the convergence of media and technology by leveraging popular forms of mainstream entertainment content against a unique, yet proven, multi-faceted e-commerce model that is specifically designed to match the inevitable, exponential growth of the sector."

The Company's business model will allow them to eventually own many Internet sites utilizing the "ALL" concept. Advertisers, direct marketers, and merchants will have a direct link to the audience they want to reach. There will be continual growth as the All Company branches out in to other categories with its over 400 "ALL" Domain Names.

In addition to the Internet , and the Production Operation, The All Company will launch a Talk Show and Reality Show focused publication, the Industry's first! The All Company's savvy management team will utilize their vast network of entertainment industry relationships to form a series of partnerships, strategic alliances, co-branding arrangements and sponsorships in order to forge powerful barriers to entry, ensure a quick path to profitability, and to lay the foundation for significant and sustainable growth and expansion.

Importantly, the Company will offer third parties the ability to own their own franchise or co-venture in the AllCompany network by acquiring a site or sub-site under the "All" name. For example, the Company could franchise out all of the websites related to All_______Business, such as AllNewYorkBusiness, AllCaliforniaBusiness, and AllFloridaBusiness. Similarly, the Company could franchise all of the websites related to All________Guide, such as AllNewYorkGuide and AllCaliforniaGuide. These sites could also be turned into specialty printed publications as well.

The All Company's Publishing Division will be inherently tied to its Internet initiative, both of which will be headed up by CEO Bill Liblick, who has held a number of key roles in the publishing industry, including the successful leadership of a chain of weekly newspapers. Mr. Liblick has also developed many key industry relationships, as well as a 'celebrity status' having appeared on over 300 talk shows and been the subject of a Wall Street Journal Article and a Dateline NBC feature. It is currently conceived that the two divisions will collaborate on developing and marketing related properties, in order to forge a powerful brick and mortar strategy that will leverage spiral marketing opportunities, joint sales initiatives and merchandising which will form the core of our New Media strategy.

In addition to the novel e-commerce strategy, The Company will naturally provide more traditional products specifically relevant to the All Company niche. These items will consist of programming related merchandise such as apparel (hats, tee-shirts, etc.), Videos and DVD's. These items will be branded with specific talk show logos, colloquial catch phrases such as "You Go Girl" and "I'm the only pervert who hasn't been on Springer" and specific soap opera phrases like "There Is no Day Without MY DAYS" and "My Light is Always GUIDING"). Specific reality-based TV phrases such as "I Can't Survive without SURVIVOR" and "I live in The REAL WORLD". The company firmly believes that items such as the aforementioned will resonate strongly with the target audience and will generate substantial revenues. more

The company firmly believes that items such as the aforementioned will resonate strongly with the target audience and will generate substantial revenues.

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