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President, Bill Liblick

Over 400 Domains

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Internet and Specialty Publications

Internet Publications
The All Company's Publishing Division will be inherently tied to the Company's Internet initiative, both of which will be headed up by CEO Bill Liblick, who has held a number of key roles in the publishing industry, including the successful leadership of a chain of weekly newspapers.

Mr. Liblick has also developed many key industry relationships, as well as a 'celebrity status' having appeared on over 300 talk shows and been the subject of a Wall Street Journal Article and a Dateline NBC feature.

It is currently conceived that the two divisions will collaborate on developing and marketing related properties, in order to forge a powerful brick and mortar strategy that will leverage spiral marketing opportunities, joint sales initiatives and merchandising which will form the core of our New Media strategy.

The Company's initial three websites (,, and will all follow a very similar format and will be the one-stop destination for anyone interested in learning more about their favorite shows or the industry. The websites will include the following features:

• Talk Show/Reality
• Show/Soap Opera related merchandise
• Direct-to-Consumer Goods
• "TV Companion" (Quizzes, Polls, and Promotions)
• Contests and Promotions
• Chats
• Message Boards
• Video Clips
• Guest Updates and Chats
• Links
• Direct Show Interaction

Specialty Print Publications Market
The specialty print publications market is currently very strong, as there are hundreds of magazines devoted to a narrow subject or targeted at a specific demographic. As reality-based programming and talk shows have become among the most popular formats in television history, there will undoubtedly be a following of people who would be willing to subscribe to learn more about their favorite television programs and be updated on upcoming shows.

The Company will also bring to market other special interest publications which it feels will complement its business model.

For example, the Company owns the domain names with every state with the word all_______business, and all_______guide. The Company believes these can become hot web portals and also have their own successful special interest publication.

The Company will offer third parties the ability to own their own franchise or co-venture in the AllCompany network by acquiring a site or sub-site or publication under the "All" name.

For example, the Company could franchise out all of the websites related to All_______Business, such as AllNewYorkBusiness, AllCaliforniaBusiness, and AllFloridaBusiness. Similarly, the Company could franchise all of the websites related to All________Guide, such as AllNewYorkGuide and AllCaliforniaGuide. These specialty printed publications could be very profitable in their select market.

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