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President, Bill Liblick

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Management Team

Bill Liblick, Chairman of the Board, and President
Bill is a seasoned journalist, having run a chain of weekly newspapers, where he oversaw editorial, sales, and production staffs. Mr. Liblick also has an extensive background in public relations, advertising, and marketing. He was the founder of Ovation Public Relations and Publicity Inc., servicing small cap companies and political campaigns. Mr. Liblick also hosted a daily radio show. He has served on the board of directors of many cultural, civic, and charitable organizations. Mr. Liblick holds a dual BA in Political Science/Sociology and Journalism/Media. Television viewers know him from his over 300 talk show appearances. He has been featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal, Dateline NBC, New York Magazine, and by every other major news outlet and talk show. Millions know Bill as the Judge on Ricki Lake, where he delivered her highest ratings. Mr. Liblick also appeared on the ABC sitcom Maybe This Time, and has been named "The Spokesman of the People" by the media.

Dr. Robert Reiss, Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Reiss is a renowned lecturer on time management, stress reduction, and health related issues. He currently manages Bronx Office Support, a multi million-dollar management company for medical practices. Dr. Reiss oversees a staff of 150. He served in a similar capacity for New York Total Health Care Management. The New York Chiropractic Council named Dr. Reiss "Chiropractor of the Year" in 1996. He has been district representative and Executive Officer of the Council for the past 8 years. Dr. Reiss served as Chairman of New York State's most successful Chiropractic Convention. His philosophy "that the success of any project is dependent on the communication amongst team members," and his wide range of managerial experience will be a big asset to the Company.

Derek Alger, Executive Editorial Editor
Derek is a seasoned journalist and writer spending over 20 years in the business. Mr. Alger held the position of Editor In Chief for a chain of weekly newspapers. His responsibilities included writing news articles and overseeing the editorial staff. Mr. Alger is also a frequent contributor to several daily newspapers including New York Newsday, and has written news and feature articles for several popular websites including, and He is a graduate of New York University and has an MFA in fiction writing from Columbia University.

Jason Clute, Vice President Marketing
Jason has a background in Retail and Casino Management Marketing for over 7 years. He has directed and served on Management teams that have generated annual revenues between seven and ten million dollars. He is also a web designer, currently serving as a webmaster for several Internet sites. Mr. Clute's unique vision and talents will be a great asset to the All Company.

John Stenger, Director of Corporate Synergies
Mr. Stenger will bring his broad range of experience in Computer Management, Finance, Marketing, Sales, and Merchandising to the Company. Mr. Stenger will oversee the synergies between the various segments of the Company. He will create, market, and package the Company's properties, which will include TV Production, Internet, Publications, and Merchandising.

Timothy Lempke, Advertising and Marketing Director

Timothy has spent over sixteen years in advertising and publishing. Most recently Mr. Lempke serves as Marketing Director for a major national magazine.

Ira Seidenfrau, Director of Strategic Communications
Mr.Seidenfrau will bring his vast background in computer science, communications,and networking to the Company. Mr. Seidenfrau will oversee all of the interactive properties of the Company, including all e-commerce and technological development. . He will be responsible for the membership, chat, message boards, surveys, and will work closely with our outside vendors. Mr. Seidenfrau will also oversee the synergies of interaction in the Company's print and TV properties.

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